Merchant RatingsAbsolutely the best!

I have been a believer in true massage therapy for years and have had many sessions throughout my travels. Rosie is definitely world class - her skills, knowledge,time commitment and intent clearly effect my overall health. She is the BEST!!!

March 31, 2009 by Chuck Halpern in Buffalo, NY

The Angel

I have been getting a massage from Rosie twice a month for about two years and I’m happy to tell anyone reading this, without hesitation, that  Rosie Klauk provides one of the finest massage experiences I have ever received from anyone, anywhere. She is an absolutely superb massage therapist in every way!
I have loved and respected the benefits of massage therapy and other alternative healing modalities for many years.  I have been to dozens of massage therapists for literally hundreds of massages and massage-like experiences in many different cities (I had a ‘travel’ job for several years), and I have tried many types and methods and modalities of massage and healing bodywork.
Lots of them are very good. Rosie is the BEST!
What Rosie brings “to the table” that makes her the shine beyond all the others is an intuitive whole-body approach that is uniquely hers.
She takes it beyond just mechanical. You really feel like you’ve found an intuitive healer.
I have also met some of those folks too along the way—Reiki practitioners, for example—and what I love most about a session with Rosie is that she too brings that beautifully intuitive, connected, healing, health-giving flow to her work that takes it past just a simple massage.
I’ve never been with anyone who is more of a ‘natural’ and who has clearly found her passion in her work.
She is thorough - every part of your body worked on completely, and it always amazes me that she knows exactly where my tight and troubled muscles are without me having to tell her.
It’s not just ‘getting a massage’ with Rosie. It is an invigorating experience that is always very fulfilling.
Thanks to Rosie, I sleep better, exercise a lot more and do much more effective workouts, don’t get sports injuries anymore, have less need for medications of any kind, and can be much more comfortable “in my skin” because of Rosie and her terrific instincts.
Never rushed, Rosie takes her time - over 2 hours, and always provides an experience that is a total delight.
Rosie is the BEST! I can’t recommend any licensed massage therapist or bodywork/healer anywhere in the Buffalo/Western New York area or ANYWHERE more highly than Rosie Klauk and Essential Massage Therapy. Enjoy!
 Tony C.
Amherst, NY

Would highly recommend!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By mr - Jan 27, 2010

Very caring, thorough, and talented provider - won't find a better massage anywhere. The massage was great: does not rush, cares about what truly ails you, and works so very hard to make you feel comfortable and secure. I was and am still in awe. I feel great. Can you ask for more? If you want a better feeling you, go see her. You won't regret it! -w


I have always considered a good massage therapist to be just as important to my health care as a good doctor or dentist. Several years ago I lucked-out and happened upon the very best..... Rosie Klauk.I'm 50 years old now, and I still work two physically demanding jobs. Sore muscles and stiff joints are a constant for me. Nothing else I've found.... no medications, no other therapy..... comes close to providing the blessed relief that I get from a session with Rosie. An appointment with Rosie is, far and away, the most effective, most benefical, pro-active form of heath care I've found. Time and money well spent!!! As an added bonus, I'd dare say that I never sleep so well as I do after a session with Rosie! She is a true professional, and I'm pretty sure.... part magician as well!There are precious few experiences in this life that turn out to be a really great deal...... a totally positive happening, all the way around. Trust me...... a couple of hours on Rosie's table is definitely one of them!!!John Werick, Buffalo NY

Oct. 06,2010

Just wanted to say thanks ....sleept like a baby...see u soon....Dennis

Nov.17, 2010

Subject: AWESOME!

Mark, Kenmore NY to me
show details 11:22 AM

I'm glad I looked you up and took my first massage with you, it was very relaxing & amazingly thorough like you could "read" me somehow.  I intend on coming back again soon.  
Next time I'm going to make sure my schedule is open ended in case we run long.

 It was quite a pleasure to meet you and I'll drop you an email to set up another appointment in a week and a half.


Dec 13, 2010

The phrase, "It doesn't get any better than this." is perfect for describing a massage from Rosie. She is professional, intelligent and experienced. If you have ever received a massage for an hour and a half rather than an hour, and enjoyed the extra time, I can only say that a massage with Rosie at 2+ hours is exponentially better. Skip the fact that this is a real bargin when it comes to professional massage. You owe it to yourself to meet Rosie, and see/experience how powerful a tool her massage can be for health management. James

Rating:5 stars (5 stars) Text:"I always enjoy meeting someone highly professional and knowledgeable who is good at what they do. I have had some great massage experiences and Rosie is no exception to that. ..she can compliment a healing program and really help me. Why say that? I noticed my neck (a little soreness) but lots of relief (usually with this much relief more soreness for days). If doesn't know what they are dong could make things worse. massage for 2 hours prior to Chiropractic work was recommended I hope the chiropractor can work around Rosie schedule haha But I no longer need to continue to look for a good LMT and thank the Lord that she was available to help me." From:Scott on January 06, 2011

Feb 15,2011


Hi Rosie --
I wanted to write and let you know I am feeling terrific two days after my massage with you. This morning I worked with my trainer, and I now have full range of motion and no lingering back pain.
I left our Sunday evening session with a pronounced sense of well-being, which I attribute to your very sensitive efforts. You certainly committed a great deal of time and attention to me, for which I'm grateful. Hopefully, we can get together again in the near future for another session -- I'll call you. In the meantime, enjoy the imminent warmth and sunshine.
With kindest regards.
David H.

March 16, 2011

This week I had my second massage with you after a couple of stressful days (work, etc.) and I have to say "thank you" for your excellent work.  Your   professsional, caring demeanor along with your knowledgeable and highly intuitive approach had me feeling relaxed and stress-free.  I appreciate that all the effort and time you invest in each session makes yours an extraordinary value. I highly recommend your licensed massage therapy practice, and I look forward to my next appointment. 
All the best,
Jeff  V. Lockport, N.Y.
Name: Dennis Hurley
Email: dph146@xxxx 
Aug 10,2011
 Message: Rosie Klauk is a true professional. Taking care to not injure your body by excessively hard techniques, Rosie works your muscles and joints, with a proportional amount of effort. I have seen Rosie for a relaxing "tune up" and for a bad back problem which through her therapy is cleared up. She instinctively knows what to do. I have several joint pain issues along with a neck compression injury from many years ago. I work in a factory and the environment is hard on legs and feet. Rosie is attentive to the particular areas and brings relief from the muscle tension and abuse that creates pain and stiffness. I try to visit every 2-3 weeks now and I feel a big difference in my health. Lastly Rosie's rates are reasonable. I am happy with her help. You will be too!
Thank You Rosie!!

 Initial Impression - Excellent
First appointment at Essential Massage Therapy was yesterday. Had not been to a Licensed Massage Therapist for more than two decades, because chiropractic care and deep massage therapy following an automobile accident were not effective. The appointment with Rosie Klauk was completely different; she took time to learn about my health, occupation, injuries, etcetera. The session was the most thorough I ha€™ve experienced. The combination of techniques and modalities facilitated deep relaxation, improved range of motion, and I could feel my body and spine gently adjusting and adhesions releasing. I exercise daily, and today my shoulders, hips, and upper and lower back feel better than they have in years. The tightness and soreness I have struggled with, especially when standing up after prolonged deskwork are gone. Am compelled to write this after meeting Rosie. Her professionalism has changed my view of going to a LMT, all for the better. I anticipate going back in a few weeks.
August 16, 2011 by D. Alexander in Lewiston, NY

Erica ‎ - 3 weeks ago
Best massage I have ever had!!! I googled massage therapists to find one that truly focused on theraputicmassage. Rosie is amazing! She took her time, i was there for 2 1/2 hrs. I can tell that she truly loves what she does, and it shows. I from now on, will stop looking anywhere else! I highly recmomend Essential Massage Therapy! 
Sara ‎ - 2 months ago
Rosie gave me the best massage I have ever gotten in my entire life. I just got back from my first appointment. She literally massaged every muscle in my entire body. I feel amazing. I cannot wait to go back. My appointment lasted three hours. Three hours! Rosie takes her time with every muscle, tracing it's path along your body, working out any tension she encounters. She doesn't rush at all. The clock is not even a consideration. She's there to help you release tension and that is all she is focusing on. Truly amazing. Thank you, Rosie!! 
Sherry ‎ - 2 months ago
Rosie is the best. She intuits what parts of your body need deeper work and she takes all the time you need. Even at two hours, she does not watch the clock. With Rosie, a massage is a meditative, healing experience. I've tried many other massage therapists in this region, but once I found Essential Massage Therapy, I stopped looking. This is the massage you always wished you had. 
Mike ‎ - 4 months ago
I decided I need to take better care of myself, to take steps to remove the negative effects of fatigue/stress, especially from my back. With a different therapist I experienced a programmed one method routine that had little to do with my needs and actually left me in pain for days. Rosie is different. Like her website says, she incorporates various modalities tailored to you. Two hour massage is far better! Give Rosie a try, you will not be disappointed. 

 July 25, 2012

Hi Rosie,

   Just wanted to thank you again for a Great session. Feel so much better after leaving
your place and like a wet noodle ! Cant explain how very comfortable you make me feel through the whole session. Your massage
is just deep enough the relieve all the muscle tension and very complete and feel very comfortable with
all aspects of the massage. You are so correct that the 2 hours+ just flies by. I hate for it to end !! Hard to
understand how you manage to do the massage for that long and make it feel like you've just started right up to
the end.
I will be making another appointment just as soon as time and finances allow.

Thanks again,
   Garry Denman
Aug 5, 2012
Name: Ernest Koenig
Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxx@roadrunner.com
Message: Had my first massage with Rosie on Saturday.  She came highly recommended.  The recommendation was  well deserved .
I have been receiving Massage Therapy as part of my health regimen for years, in all different parts of the country & abroad.  Some have been good, some very good, some awful. None have compelled me to write a testimonial until now. Rosie is magical! She intuitively feels your pain - the time flew by ("Wow, I  didn't know 2 hrs & 15min could go so fast!) If you are looking for a true healer commited to her craft and clients, this special lady is who you've been looking for. Simply outstanding!!!
Scott W.
Williamsville, NY 14221
Ian Harding reviewed 2 months ago
Quality 3 / 3
The massage therapist I had been going to previously couldn't fit me in and I needed a massage urgently to deal with back pain. I searched Google to find a massage therapist in my area and found Essential Massage Therapy. I read the Google reviews and saw that Rosie Klauk (of Essential Massage Therapy) had received many glowing reviews and so I thought I would book an appointment. The reviews were correct. Rosie is a true professional. But more than that, she seems to intuitively know where the pain is and what to do to relieve it. That she does a 2 hour massage (actually 2 hours plus) simply makes the whole experience better. I have now had two massages by Rosie and am looking forward to my next. I strongly recommend Essential Massage Therapy to anyone who is looking for great service from a true professional.

 Santina Martino reviewed in the last week
Quality 3 / 3
One week after my visit with Rosie, I am still feeling healthier and more flexible than I have in quite a long time. I am a believer in alternative medicine and I called for an appointment with Rosie because of her ad that promised that she believed that massage should be viewed as a "health maintainence tool". I was looking for someone who was in touch with how the human body works on a deeper level and I definately found that with her. Before I went, my body was completely tensed up, I could notice significant problems in my mobility and I could barely eat anything without serious digestive problems. Rosie took the time to get to know me and find out exactly who I was and where my problems were. She spent 3 hours working on me (I was expecting two, but she put in the extra effort to straighten me out) and When I left, I had a lot of energy, something that I wasn't used to feeling after a massage. Also, I didn't feel sore afterwards. I only had some localized soreness in two trouble spots, and it didn't last more than a day. I felt as if I could get right back into me exercise routine. As I'm going along through my daily life, I am now able to control my tension and relax quite easily. There was no way I was going to be able to do that on my own with any amount of exercise or stretching. I feel so healthy and I am a way happier person because of it. I plan on telling everyone I know about how wonderful Rosie is!

Steve Talty has sent you a message.

Date: 10/01/2012

Subject: RE: Tuesday

I think it is essential that I comment.... Do many people have the same comments and feeling afterwards as I did???? Just curious... Perhaps I am just an emotional being..I can't even imagine how you have the strength, physically and emotionally to do what you do... I was truly impressed... 

It did make me feel good physically... Honestly... My back pain is gone... Wonderful.. Yes!!! You did "elevate me emotionally". I am 100% certain that this also is not an unusual comment... 

Thanks again... 
We will schedule again the second week in November... 

Dear Rosie,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Rosie is an extraordinary person.. A caring, loving individual... If you experience stress in your life or simply want to feel physically and emotionally elevated, I recommend you contact Rosie. Today!!! Rosie is an expertly qualified massage therapist who will take your mind and body to another level... she is truly incredible!

Thanks Rosie...." 
Service Category: Professional Massage Therapist
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Oct. 7, 2012
From : J Franklin@xxxxxxxx.com
To: Rosie2go@gmail.com
This is a serious massage for people who want to take control of their health! As a Holistic Nutritionist, I now have incorporated what Rosie does as an important part of my personal health plan, along with exercise, regular detox a few times a year, and eating (real food) appropriately for my unique self and circumstances. It's another way in which to help the body do what it does naturally to keep us healthy and functioning at our best. Rosie is one of the few that understands this and delivers. Thank you!
Best, Jean Franklin PhD

 Jan 06,2013

5 star (Excellent)

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  • Rosie is one of those unique people in her profession. She not only believes in her practice, she lives it. As someone who is growth oriented, and who is entirely holistic, she passionately blends her techniques. The result is an experience that will calm, adjust and unify your physical, spiritual and emotional energies. Just as described within many other reviews, Rosie truly cares about her clients. She takes the time to listen with compassion and without judgement. And with knowledge in hand, she will find and eliminate knots, aches, blockages and stress points. Be prepared to drink lots of water when your are done! Thanks Rosie, your the best!,

    under Deep Tissue Massage (Licensed Massage Therapistby Chris B

Jan 17, 2013

5 (Excellent) Betterfly review

  • Rosie - Thank you for the envigorating massage. I left feeling relaxed, loose and completely stress free.

    under Deep Tissue Massage (Licensed Massage Therapist) by Anonymous

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    North Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

    I've been a client of Rosie's for over a yr. She combines multiple massage techniques and personalizes each massage to the client's needs. While a 2+ hour massage may be a time investment it is well worth it and the cost ($ per hr) is very reasonable. I've had massages by various therapists over the years but from now on this is where I'll go.


Jan 22, 2013

Name: Carl Contino
Email: carl@untxxxxxx
Message: Hi Rosie :-) Just wanted to thank you for the stupendously wonderful massage today ... I'm still shocked that it was over 3 hours! I would have guessed maybe a little over an hour ... amazing how time flies. Thank you for your energy and time you gave me ... it was a true gift for me. I'm letting my friends know about you ... so expect some business in the near future from them! I am planning on a second session in the next 2-3 weeks ... as budget allows. If I can ever be of any help to grow your business, I'm here :-) Carl

Yelp 5 star rating 

The best medical massage I've ever received. Rosie is thorough, highly skilled and truly cares about helping you reach your health goals. Don't waste your time on day spa massages when a real personalized approach is available. If you have migraines... this is the place to go for relief!
Laura G.

 Mar 15 2013

nick w <bflobillx@xxxxxxx>
7:19 PM (14 hours ago)
Had a massage @ Essential Massage Therapy and I must tell everyone......that's the way to go .....very relaxing...very soothing... and  I felt like a new person....a real professional doing a great job..........Nick (Orchard Park, NY)

 Mar 17,  2013

Extremely professional and thorough. Makes you feel at ease. Highly recommended - Kyale G.

 July 6,2013

Name: Daniel Mxxxxx
Email: melode2011@yahoo.com
Message: I have been to see Rosie twice now, most recently on 7/2/13. I came to her with lower back issues and also IT-Band pain from running. She stretched my legs and lower back accompanied with the most wonderful deep tissue massage. Some people may think that 2 hours (Rosie's standard massage) may be a long time. Well, I'm here to tell you that the time is very well spent. Before I knew it she was telling me to take my time and she would have some water for me outside the studio when I was ready. Boy, the time flew by. I am planning a long hike next month and you can bet I am going to be calling Rosie to work out those kinks in my legs and back after that....I recommend Essential Massage Therapy to anyone that is looking to escape for a while and be rejuvenated......THANK YOU ROSIE!!!! Dan M. Depew,NY

August 5, 2013

 ***** (5 star)

outstanding is right! I not only felt great on the table but for at least a week later. She is much better than any other massage I have received. She includes the complete body. I loved it,and cannot wait till my next appointment. Rochelle G, Bflo, NY

This Lady is the Best !

Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "Rosie, I cannot say this enough, you have been nothing but Professional, Courteous and Understanding. I so look forward to my continued visits with you. I will highly recommend you to anyone I can think of and I wish you nothing but Success!"
From: S934mg of Buffalo, NY on  August 21, 2013
  • 12/17/2013 


    7:25 PM (16 hours ago)
    to me

    I have been a client of Rosie's for over two years. Her massage is always meticulous, thorough and invigorating, with each muscle receiving careful and experienced attention. I leave each appointment feeling relaxed and refreshed. Rosie has my highest recommendation! Loyal Client, Scott



  • Rosie, I wanted to let you know that you did wonders for me the other day. That's the best I've felt in a long time. My left hip has been hurting bad for months & as of yet I have no pain there. You really helped my lower back as well. I'm almost constantly in chronic pain & I got great relief afterwards. I can't wait to get in again. Thank you so very much. You are definitely THE BEST! Sincerely, Chris Moltrup


Sharif S. Buffalo, NY  2/20/2014    

Real simple 3 words heaven, clouds, and heaven again!!! Omg what a wonderful person I'm glad I met rosie she truly was born to do this. Two hours really did seem like 15 minutes. I highly highly recommend her she knows her stuff !!!


3/18/14 You have received a message from the "Contact Me" page of your Website:

Name: Shavonne W
Email: ZxxxMxxxxxxe@Yahoo.com
Message: Rosie: I just want to thank you!  You are all of what is described in the testimonials.  I say, "You are worth your weight in gold." I have recuperated and I am actually in my front room doing my homework for a change.  I look forward to seeing you again.  Until then, All the best to you Rosie! slward

August 28, 2014

Name: Rick Sxxxxxx
Email: xxxxga@toxxt.net
Phone: xxx345-xxxx
Message: Hi Rosie, I am coming back to Buffalo( actually St. Cats) the week of Sept 8th leaving on the 12th. If you remember I live outside Toledo. Would like to schedule a massage on Wed. Sept. 10. late morning would be the best. Are you available and what would be a good time. I get massages all the time and you are still the best!!!



Outstanding.  Rosie has no time clock so you get worked on for a minimum 2 hours. All business, no small talk. In fact she will tell you in the beginning to relax and don't talk, unless you need to communicate that something doesn't feel right. Highly recommend



I have been to many massage therapists in the past thirty years, but in many ways, this was a unique experience. First of all, Rosie took about a half hour to do a thorough assessment of my needs, both in terms of physical pain and relaxation. Second, while she was very attentive to the contextual comforts [e.g., the heating of the room, the placement of pillows], she did not talk which served not only to not make me feel like I had to respond, and reflected her very focused concentration on what she was doing. Thirdly, while she gave a very firm massage, at no point was it painful. Her techniques involved various strategies of massage therapy, picking the intervention which best suited the area she was working on. Fourth, there was no 'rushing'; including the assessment, my massage was 3 hours and 10 minutes [note, at a price reflective of what many would charge for an hour or two at most]. Fifth, she explained what she found, using diagrams, after the massage. Lastly, she was genuine and conveyed a real sense of caring. I HIGHLY recommend her, Barbara T. Hamburg, NY



Kathlyn B.

Jan. 01, 2015

 Rosie gave me an epic massage. I feel that she has a better understanding of the human body than most physicians. If you're feeling pain, or just need an incredible massage, I recommend paying Rosie a visit. She takes the utmost care of your precious body. She does not require you to yap while she performs her magic. And she is one of the most skilled massage therapists I have ever encountered. She is surely as good as it gets.


I have been going to Rosie, on and off, for a number of years and I think it is important to share my experiences.
Her professionalism, knowledge and quality of work has provided me with the greatest massage I have ever had.
Rosie, is kind and compassionate and it truly transfers to the wonderful experience I have had, every time I get a massage from her.
She allows you to relax, isn’t a talkative, question machine while doing her job…it is clear, her number one care is that you are completely satisfied with the best massage.  I highly recommend anyone to try Rosie, once you do, you will never use another Therapist again.
Joe B.  
Lockport, NY 

Rosie is amazing! I consider her as a doctor of what she does. She is very educated on the body mechanics and functions.  I feel that she goes through every muscle and joint with the intention to heal and correct. Definitely not the ordinary! Plan on a 2 and a half -3 hour massage that will leave you feeling levitated! Gina C., N.Buffalo, NY 

Completely agree with the these reviews. Rosie is the best massage therapist I have ever seen.  I've had about 15 sessions and each one was better than the last.  She uses various modalities the way Zappa uses notes or Dali uses shapes and colors or Shakespeare uses words.  Seeing any other therapist is a waste of time. Terry G.- Amherst,NY
You were right when you told me the very first time I had a massage from you that I'd never find anyone as good as you. I tried so many other ones to hopefully get what I want and you're the  absolute best I've found to be honest. 1030 will be perfect Sunday thank you. I wish I would of just listened to you in the first place and not waste my money with other people!
Can't wait! M.Anderson
June 15,2015
Rosie did a great job working out the problem areas I specified in our pre-massage interview. The whole experience was very relaxing and therapeutic. My massage lasted around 2.5 hours. I'd definitely recommend Rosie as an LMT, and will likely be back to see her again. Brett P.
July 25, 2015

Iam here on vacation , i have a bad neck with a plate I contacted Rosie and i left my appt i felt great. I have a massage therapist in Tx and Rosie out did those massages. Shes very professional and knows exactly what shes doing. Thanks Rosie your an angel and the rest of my vacation is going to be pain free. Thanks Joe

Aug 10, 2015


Great experience. Would highly recommend. Paul N. E.Amherst, NY 

Sept 29, 2015

Name: Laura Mucher
Email: lmuchxxxxxxx

 Rosie, So glad I found you , it's difficult to find someone that knows where you have that sore muscle, but you always seem to know where it is and how to get rid of it. I've been to many massage therapist in the last 25 years since a severe car accident and you are at the top of the list. I especially appreciate the time that you take. It's not like when you go for the hour massage that is more like 45 min and your left half done . I plan on keeping up with the once a month appointments that keep me going. I thank you so much for the great massages and your healing hands. You are the greatest. Laura M


Oct 12, 2015 

"I have been to see Rosie for massage therapy several times. I realize the importance of a skilled therapeutic massage executed by a professional, trained individual. I was diagnosed with occipital neuralgia causing bad headaches. This was brought on by excessive strain and soreness from home renovations. The 2 hours of getting all the kinks worked out helped tremendously. Beyond her professionalism, I find that Rosie truly cares about each individual, their health, their circumstances. She is dedicated to her profession and is one of the best!!!" Daniel M. W Seneca NY

Rosie is serious, skilled, thorough and professional. The massage was incredible and lasted more than 2 hours. I went to see her with significant shoulder pain. She took care of the acute problem and gave me ways to change my posture to prevent the problem in the future. She also has flexible scheduling options. I plan on returning once a month for maintenance. I have referred many family and friends. Kate.T. H. - Buffalo, NY

Nov 13, 2015

I recently went to Rosie for a fantastic 2 hour massage.  Over the years I've had quite a few massages.  My daughter is a massage therapist and think I'm a good judge of quality of a massage. I have to say my massage from Rosie was by far the best I've ever had.  Her normal two hour session may seem long but the time gos quickly and you'll leave totally relaxed and revitalized. Rosie is the real deal not just your average "fluff n buff" massage therapist. Don Henning, Seattle Wa


Rosie is beyond compare in knowledge and skill. She is at the top of her craft and I have had massages from within the U.S. and all across Europe. I have been going to her for 6 years regularly and will continue. If you are looking for pure quality, look no further. Rick J., N. Tonawanda NY 


I had a massage by Rosie yesterday.  I have read reviews, been told first hand how good she is but that does not come close to what happens when you get massaged by her.  She is the ultimate therapist.  Before she starts she does an interview with you first, close to 1/2 hour or more.  She is interested in your health and well being. The massage was more than 2 hours and today my body feels marvelous.  The kinks that were there before she started are gone.  I feel rejuvenated, and cannot wait to go back to see her.have been having massages for over 20 years and she gave me the best massage I ever had. Andrea S.. Buffalo, NY 



I've spent the past couple of years in and out of "big box" massage places trying to maintain range of motion and manage pain due to a neuromuscular disorder. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted something more personalized and made an appointment with Rosie. She was very accommodating with scheduling and I loved her down-to-earth approach. After an intake interview, she explained how the session would be structured, and it was really nice to know what to expect during the appointment. The massage was absolutely wonderful, and I left feeling fully present and grounded. The best part is that a few weeks ago, I actually broke my toe in two places, and two weeks into healing, fell down the stairs and RE-broke it! My entire foot had been swollen since the original injury and quite painful. I didn't think she would be able to do anything with it at all because of the injury, but she very carefully worked on my foot too. After I got off the table, the swelling had gone down noticeably, and a few hours later, it was completely gone and has stayed gone. :-) Rosie has a very technical and calculated approach to her movement - you can tell she is very skilled. She is a welcome addition to my treatment team, and I will definitely be going back to see her regularly. Erica R., Buffalo, NY

 Rob O. San Diego, California

Sept 10, 2017


 Rosie is a talented and passionate massage therapist. I was in town for a week visiting family and hurt my lower back hiking. I have a very reputable massage therapist back home but couldn't wait. Rosie was as good, if not a better, practitioner. She has a warm and comforting demeanor that allowed her to ask all the right questions in order to discern the core issue(s). She was skillful and focused throughout the massage. I walked out of the room standing straight! 

Thanks Rosie! I'll be sure to visit again when I come back over the Holidays!

 Andrew L. Smith

North Tonawanda, NY

Thought & thought of what to say. I keep coming up with only one way to put it, " Rosie is INCREDIBLE!!" Just incredible, thorough, very much knows what is doing.  I have a herniated L5/S1 back disc pinching my sciatic nerve at my spinal cord for a year now. 2 different chiropractors & acupuncture, and the best I get is a couple of hours relief from the crippling pain from hip/back to toe tips. 2 plus hours with Rosie, I gets DAYS of relief. For me, Rosie is a godsend. "She is INCREDIBLE !!"


David H. Buffalo, NY


I have been visiting Rosie for massage for more than seven years. Her commitment to her clients involves an unprecedented amount of time (2+ hours), thorough interviews to understand their histories and needs, and a fee that is unusually reasonable. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated to her clients. Her diligent approach enables her to deal with a client's injuries, or simply help them relax. She is an utter professional and we are fortunate to have her working in our community. Thank you Rosie!